Submissions should be made by the authors online by registering with ICC2023.sciforum.net, and using the "Submit Abstract/New Submission" function once logged into the system.

  1. Scholars interested in participating in this conference can submit their communication abstracts (about 200–250 words, not including references) online on this website until 15 July 2023.
  2. Abstracts will be evaluated based on their scientific quality and suitability for the conference sections. All authors will be notified by 31 July 2023 regarding the acceptance of their abstract for ICC2023.
  3. Once the abstract has been accepted, the author is requested to submit their manuscript (final abstract, extended abstract 1–3 pages, or short proceedings paper, 3–6 pages) before 15 August 2023. Optionally, authors of accepted abstracts will be able to submit a poster or a slides presentation (in PDF) as supporting material for the paper. You can submit the manuscript by accessing My Submission.

    Note: Please kindly ensure that the proceeding paper you submit is original and unpublished. Articles with a high repetition rate and lack of novelty will NOT be accepted in the conference proceedings.
  4. The accepted abstracts or short proceedings papers will be distributed to the conference participants in the form of a booklet and will also be published as one dedicated volume in MDPI Biology and Life Sciences Forum (ISSN 2673-9976).

Guidelines for Extended Abstracts and Proceedings Paper

Manuscripts for publication in the conference booklet and the dedicated volume in MDPI Biology and Life Sciences Forum (ISSN 2673-9976) must be prepared in MS Word and should be converted to PDF format before submission. The manuscript should not exceed 6 pages (incl. figures, tables and references). Carefully read the rules outlined in the 'Instructions for Authors' of the Biology and Life Sciences Forum journal and ensure that your manuscript submission adheres to these guidelines.

Manuscripts for the proceedings issue must have the following organization:
Full author names
Affiliations (including full postal address) and authors' e-mail addresses
Conflicts of Interest

Manuscript must be prepared using the Biology and Life Sciences Forum Microsoft Word template file (see download below).

Microsoft Word template
Word template file

Potential Conflicts of Interest
All authors must disclose all relationships or interests that could inappropriately influence or bias their work. This should be conveyed in a separate "Conflict of Interest" statement preceding the "Acknowledgments" and "References" sections at the end of the manuscript. If there is no conflict, please state "The authors declare no conflict of interest." Financial support for the study must be fully disclosed under the "Acknowledgments" section.

Kaldi Award

Legend has it that the Abyssinian goatherd Kaldi discovered the effects of coffee. This story is common throughout the coffee industry. Legend has it that he discovered the effect of the fruit and its stimulating properties over a thousand years ago. His goats had eaten the berries from the coffee bush and then jumped around very excitedly and were unusually active.

Since 2016, the "KaldiAward" will be presented to people who have made a significant contribution to a better understanding of coffee or to the improvement of coffee through scientific work. The award is presented by Coffee Consulate. The decision on the award is made by an international, independent jury of experts.

The prize is awarded in the following categories

Lifetime achievement
Award for a person's life's work / lifetime achievement in the service of science for coffee

Green coffee (cultivation & processing)
Award for special achievements for scientific findings in the green coffee sector

Award for special achievements for scientific knowledge in the field of roasting

Award for special achievements for scientific knowledge in the field of coffee preparation

The jury for the KaldiAward is composed of the conference chairs and advisory board. We welcome any suggestions for each of the four awards.